American Wood Fibers White Pine Pellet Fuel (Softwood)

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All AWF pellets are PFI Graded Premium Fuel complying with EPA regulations. By combining our wood fiber experience and the latest in process technology we provide pellets that burn longer and burn hotter.

  • Produced from Eastern White Pine and out-performs pellets from other softwood species like Southern Yellow Pine
  • Has, on average, over 8700 BTU’s /lb. – 348,000 BTU per bag
  • Will burn hotter and cleaner, produce, on average, half the ash, and have little to no clinkers in the burn pot compared to most other fuel pellets
  • Ash content is on average 0.25%

Allegheny Hardwood

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Allegheny Pellet fuel pellets. Allegheny Pellet Corp takes great pride in the production and distribution of its pellets. Allegheny Pellets are made from kiln-dried hardwood sawdust and they have an ash content of less than 0.5% while maintaining a BTU content of 8,000+ per pound. Burn cleaner and hotter with Allegheny Wood Pellet fuel.

Energex Hardwood

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Manufactured out of Mifflintown, PA, our Premium Hardwood pellets are made of the finest blend of hardwoods that provide an ash content well below the industry standard of 1%. With the BTUs (on a dry basis) between 8,500 and 8,600, these hardwood pellets can put out a lot of heat with low ash at a great low price.

• 8,500+ BTU’s Per lbs.
• Less than 1% Ash

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