Harman VF3000 Stoker Boiler

Harman SF-160 Central Heating Trident Wood/Coal Boilers

The Harman Trident Boiler is designed to burn pea, stove or nut coal, or wood, and is available in three sizes so you can choose what’s right for your home. Whether you need to heat 2,250, 3,200, or 4,000 square feet, there’s a Trident Boiler to do the job. Coupled with your domestic hot water coil, the optional electric package gives your Trident year-round duties, providing hot water all year and heating your home all winter.






  • Limited 5-Year Warranty
  • Exclusive Harman Spiral Chamber
  • Harman Grate System
  • Automatic Draft Control
  • 1" Schedule 80 Water Pipes
  • ASME Pressure Relief Valve
  • Temperature Pressure Gauge Fitting
  • Dual Function Aquastat Fitting
  • Overfire Draft Controls - provide secondary air to burn coal gases
  • Unique Water Flow Pattern For Maximum Heat Transfer


  • Electric Backup Kit
  • 4 gpm Domestic Hot Water Coil



Fuel Wood, Coal
BTU Range 180,000
Heating Capacity 4,000
Flue Size 7 inches
Weight 925 lbs
Depth 31.5 inches
Log Length 27 inches
Height 53 inches
Width 26 inches
Water Capacity 42 gallons
Domestic Hot Water Coil Optional
Number Of Grates 6
Ash Pan Standard
Firebox Reducer Optional
Height Top Of Flue 45.5 inches
Automatic Draft Standard
Electric Backup Optional
ASME Pressure Relief Valve Standard
Temperature/Pressure Gauge Standard
Overheat Safety Aquastat Standard
Hydro Pressure Tested Yes
Inlet & Outlet Size 1-1/4 in


Clearances & Dimensions

Rear 24 inches
Side 18 inches
Front 36 inches
Clearance To Flue Pipe 18 inches

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