Harman VF3000 Stoker Boiler

Coal-Fired Comfort with High-Powered Performance

The Harman VF-3000 Stoker Boiler is a compact, high-performance hot water boiler with a wide range of output.

Whether you are heating 1,000 or 3,000 square feet, the VF-3000 will produce the temperature you desire. The 250-pound hopper supplies coal to the patented Verti-Flow feeder, where it is burned automatically and can be unattended for three to five days, depending on outside temperatures.

The VF-3000 was designed with the customer in mind. It is totally reversible so you can have the hopper and doors at the most convenient place. An external cleaning rod cleans all internal pipes and baffles. All controls and adjustments are easy to reach and adjust. A large ash tub holds all the ashes from the 250-pound hopper full of coal.

The VF-3000 can be broken down into two pieces for easier installation. The base is designed to keep the bottom of the unit four inches above the floor in case of a wet or damp basement. We also have a factory trained dealer network that would be happy to install a unit in your home.

The Aquastat helps keep your home's water at your desired temperature. The Aquastat tells the feeder/oil burner what temperature the water is, then adjusts the fire and feed rate in order to maintain your set temperature.


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Patented Verti-Flow Feeder
  • Automatic Operation
  • Aquastat To Control Water Temperature
  • Two Piece, Lift Out Grates
  • External Easy Clean System
  • Eight 2" Schedule 80 Water Pipes
  • Easy Access To Grate For Lighting Fire
  • Large Ash Tub
  • Two Piece Unit For Easier Installation
  • Hot Water Coil Option
  • 1/4" Steel Plate Construction
  • UL, ULC, ETL of Maine Approved
  • Burns Rice Coal
  • Oil Burner (Optional)


  • Domestic Hot Water Coil



Fuel    Rice Coal
BTU Range    5,000 to 95,000+
Heating Capacity    3,000+ sq ft
Hopper Capacity    250 lbs
Flue Size    7 inches
Weight    915 lbs
Depth    47.19 inches
Height    55.05 inches
Width    23.21 inches
Water Capacity    50 gallons


Clearances & Dimensions

Rear 18 inches
Side 18 inches
Pipe to Wall 18 inches
Pipe to Ceiling 24 inches

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