Olympia Chimney Pipes

Olympia Chimney was founded by someone who has experienced your world, worked in the industry for over 15 years. This translates into customer service and products that are what you need and look for in a chimney supply manufacturer.

Ventis Systems

The Ventis® Advantage

  • UL Listed UL103HT
  • Manufactured in the USA, Scranton, PA
  • Available in 304L or 316L inner wall pipe
    • 316 stocked, not special order
  • Sold factory direct to chimney and hearth professionals
  • Not sold through “big box stores”
  • Forever Warranty
    • Coal warranty – Forever Warranty with 316L inner wall pipe
  • Superior packaging virtually eliminates shipping damage

Ventis Pellet

Ventis Class A Chimney Systems

Ventis® Black Single Wall Stove Pipe

The industry’s first smoke-free and fume-free single wall black stove pipe that has an exclusive patented Gap Collar™ and unique slip connector lengths to make your job easier and more professional.

Ventis® Black Double Wall Stove Pipe

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