• Beneath its charming exterior, the Chelsea is an ANSI/AGA 27,000 to 6,750 BTUH high efficiency wall furnace that will provide plenty of adjustable warmth to any room.
  • Smaller size is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere you want a cozy nook
  • Romantic fireplace is also a certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency wall furnace
  • Flames and heat are adjustable to suit your mood and the weather
  • Direct vent design uses 100% outside air for combustion to preserve indoor air quality
  • Easily customized with a choice of fronts, doors and interior linings



BTUH M50 – Hi 50,000 LO – 15,800
M27 – Hi 27,000 LO – 6,750
Efficiency Excedds D.O.E. Efficiency Requirements (A.F.U.E) and direct vent all heaters
Gas supply Natural or LP
Vent Size M50 – 5″ inner 8″ outer
M27 – 4″ inner 6-5/8″ outer
Pilot System Standing pilot
Safety Controls AGA Certified
Safety Tested Warnock Hersey to
ANSI/AGA standard
Weight M50 – 275 lbs
M27 – 175 lbs
Flue Diameter 6″

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