April 21st, 2014

Harman TL300 Wood Burning Stove


The Harman TL300 is a remarkable stove in so many ways. Whether you are an experienced wood burner or just choosing a stove for the first time you’ll appreciate the features that set the TL300 apart from ordinary stoves. These world class features include extraordinarily long burn times, very even heat output, extremely low emissions and convenient loading and ash handling.

The TL300 brings a new level of convenience to wood burning. The top loading feature makes it easier to load more wood into the firebox for longer burns and more heat output. A single lever handle opens and closes the top load door and damper in one motion so that smokeless loading can occur. The super sized ash pan makes ash handling easy as well. While most stoves require ash removal every 3 to 5 days, the TL300 will hold more than 2 weeks worth of ashes burning around the clock!

The TL300 converts to an open fireplace with the optional cozy screen in place so you can enjoy the ambiance of a crackling fire. And if you enjoy the flavor of natural wood fire cooking, you will love using the cooking grill. Grilling in the winter has never been so easy!

The basis of the TL300’s efficiency is Harman’s exclusive FireDome Combustion System which has a special dome shaped combustion chamber that induces flue gases to concentrate and burn at higher temperatures for cleaner burns. This system is also responsible for more even heat output over the burn time of each load of wood. The FireDome Combustion system is made of ceramic and other refractory material that can withstand continuous super-high temperatures.
The Super StepTop from Pacific Energy


  • Top and Front Loading
  • Supersized Ash Pan - means less emptying
  • New FireDome Combustion System
  • 8-17 Hour Burn Times
  • Very Steady Heat Output
  • Large 3 Cubic Ft. Capacity Firebox
  • Outside Air Kit Ready


  • Cooking Grill
  • Custom Colors
  • Blower (105 cfm)
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Trim Kit
  • Decorative Tile and Trim
  • Available in Black

Optional Cooking Grill

The optional self-cleaning cooking grill lets you experience natural wood flavor when grilling your favorite meats or vegetables. You can taste the difference!




Fuel: Wood
BTU Range: Test Wood: 11,200 - 34,500 BTU/Hr. Cord Wood: 15,000 - 75,000 BTU/Hr.
Heating Capacity: 1500 to 3000 sq.ft
Blower Size: 105 cfm(optional)
Flue Size: 6”
Outside Air Size: 3”- 4”(optional)
Weight: 525 lbs
Log Length: 18” (20” max.)
Firebox Capacity: 3 cubic feet


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